Vier Pfoten also presented the films to German food retailers.

Only organic seals are safe because the animals from organic stalls are kept in a species-appropriate manner."

Sales stop in supermarkets

Vier Pfoten also presented the films to German food retailers. Some have already reacted: Rewe, Edeka, Globus and Kaiser’s Tengelmann no longer sell rabbit meat from conventional farming. Kaufland, Familia and Real are currently examining their suppliers. Other dealers have not yet responded.

No regulations for rabbit keeping

According to Pfeuffer, there are no standardized rules for keeping rabbits. "Only narrow wire mesh cages are profitable in the fattening farms. There is no room for species-appropriate hobbling, hooking and digging in the earth" explains the animal rights activist. The foundation appeals to Consumer Protection Minister Seehofer to do something about it. At the request of t-online at the Ministry of Consumers, it said: There are currently considerations to introduce uniform standards. The ministry has not commented on how these will look specifically and when they will come into force.

On the coming weekend from January 16th to 18th it will be quiet on the German streets. The ADAC does not expect long traffic jams in its traffic jam forecast. However, those who are out and about in the winter sports areas of the Alps or low mountain ranges should plan a small amount of time. This is especially true for the morning and evening hours on Saturday and Sunday.

There may be minor delays on the following routes

A 3 Frankfurt – Würzburg – NurembergA 5 Frankfurt – Karlsruhe – BaselA 6 Mannheim – Heilbronn – NurembergA 7 Würzburg – Ulm – FüssenA 8 Karlsruhe – Munich – SalzburgA 9 Nuremberg – MunichA 93 Inntaldreieck – KufsteinA 95 Munich – Garmisch-PartenkirchenA 99 Munich bypass Vignette requirement: toll traps in Europe Safety vest compulsory: Where it gets expensive in Europe without a vest Dates, opening times and all information: Christmas markets in Germany 2017

Abroad traffic jams only on the way to the ski area

Abroad, it is also quiet away from the routes to the winter sports resorts. The rush to the slopes is still relatively restrained. In Austria, increased traffic is to be expected on the Tauern, Inntal and Brenner autobahns and on the Fernpass route. In Switzerland, this applies to the Gotthard route and the A 1 St. Gallen – Zurich – Bern. In both Alpine countries, the direct access roads to the winter sports areas will also be more heavily used.

Hamburg (dpa / tmn) – If the security staff are on strike at the airport, the controls take longer. A couple were still in line when their plane took off. Thereupon the two sued the tour operator for a compensation payment.

An airline cannot be held responsible for an airport security strike. This is because it has no way of carrying out the necessary checks with its own staff. That was decided by the Hamburg District Court (Az .: 36a C 462/13). The German Society for Travel Law refers to the judgment in its magazine "ReiseRecht current" down.

In the negotiated case, a couple wanted to fly from Hamburg to Nuremberg at 6.30 a.m. and from there to Hurghada on the Red Sea. Because of a strike by the security staff announced the day before, the two of them stood in the queue in front of the control from 4 a.m. to 8 a.m. and missed their plane, which landed in Nuremberg 1 hour and 20 minutes late. The couple then flew to Egypt via Frankfurt. The tour operator responsible transferred a credit note for lost vacation enjoyment. However, the plaintiff demanded the full price of the replacement flights and a compensation payment under EU law because of the delayed trip.

The court dismissed the lawsuit. The flight was not canceled, nor was there a delay that would justify compensation. There could be no question of deliberately denied boarding, as the couple did not arrive at the gate, but only at the security check. This is carried out by a private company on behalf of the Federal Police. Neither the airport nor individual airlines have any influence on the processes.

Hamburg (dpa / tmn) – A couple felt the consequences of a sandstorm. They had to endure an overnight stay on their flight home because the airline could not carry other passengers the day before because of the storm. Is that right?

If a flight is delayed due to a sandstorm, it is an exceptional circumstance. However, an airline must keep the disruption for its passengers as low as possible. Otherwise they are entitled to a compensation payment. That was decided by the Hamburg District Court (Az .: 36a C 251/13), as did the German Society for Travel Law in their magazine "ReiseRecht current" (Issue 5/2014) reports.

The negotiated case concerned a flight from the Cape Verde island of Sal to Hamburg. On the way there from Germany to Sal, the machine should have picked up travelers on Boa Vista and from there to Sal. Due to a sandstorm on Boa Vista, however, the route was changed: The plane flew directly to Sal.

There the plaintiffs got into the machine. However, they were not brought back to Germany directly, but were first flown to the Canary Island of Gran Canaria and had to spend one night in a hotel there. The next morning the plane first took vacationers to Boa Vista – because the plane hadn’t even landed there yet. Only then did she return to Gran Canaria and take the plaintiffs with her to Germany. The delay ended up being 22 hours.

The plaintiffs demanded compensation from the airline. The court awarded them 600 euros in accordance with the EU Air Passenger Rights Regulation. The airline had already reimbursed part of this sum. A sandstorm is undoubtedly an exceptional circumstance, the court said. The airline was also given the freedom to take appropriate measures to reorganize the route. However, it was not clear here why the passengers had to spend a night in Gran Canaria instead of being flown directly to Hamburg. After all, the plane landed on the Canary Island at 4 p.m.

When it comes to swimming, the only thing left is the journey into the distance: At a maximum of 20 degrees, the bathing temperatures on the Canary Islands are no longer as high as they were a few weeks ago. However, the Mediterranean is even cooler, reports the German Weather Service (DWD).

In Antalya, Turkey, for example, only 18 degrees are reached. But the water in the Gulf of Mexico or around Sri Lanka has a whopping 27 degrees. And Mauritius even cracks the 30-degree mark. The Seychelles and the Maldives have 28 degrees to offer, just like Thailand.

Water temperatures in Europe centigrade
Biscay 11-14
Algarve coast 17th
Azores 16-18
Canary Islands 18-20
French Mediterranean coast 13-15
Eastern Mediterranean 16-20
Western Mediterranean 14-17
Adriatic 12-16
Black Sea 8-12
Madeira 18-19
Aegean 14-18
Cyprus 18-19
Antalya 18th
Corfu 16
Tunis 16
Mallorca 16
Valencia 16
Biarritz 13-14
Rimini 13th
Las Palmas 19th


Water temperatures at long-distance travel destinations centigrade
Red Sea 24
South Africa 23
Mauritius 30th
Seychelles 28
Maldives 28
Sri Lanka 27
Thailand 28
Philippines 18th
Fiji Islands (Nandi) 29
Tahiti 29
Hawaii (Honolulu) 18th
California 4th
Gulf of Mexico 27
Puerto Plata 25th
Sydney 24

Hello-Kitty caused confusion a while ago when it became known that the cute creature was not a cat, but a little girl. But regardless of whether it is a cat or a girl, the cult figure is now permanently flying through world history.

Photo show: The safest airlines according to JACDEC statistics 2015 Number of victims quadrupled: the tragic year 2014 ended the series of successes in aviation

The Taiwanese airline EVA Air is now commuting a special Hello Kitty plane between Singapore and Taipei. The Japanese figure adorns the fuselage of the aircraft, the flight crew wears pink aprons with the likeness of the Japanese girl / cat figure, and even the food is partly shaped in the shape of her head. As the airline reports, the Hello Kitty charter flights that have already been carried out have one "overwhelming success" had. So it was decided to set up the themed flights permanently from June 2015. Admittedly, it is a matter of taste whether flight attendants should really wear pink aprons and how appetizing butter with the likeness of a cat / girl looks. Many little flight passengers will surely love the colorful food packaging, but how long an adult can stand this overdose of cartoon cat-girls is probably in the stars.

Vacationers will find the warmest bathing temperatures this week in the South Pacific. The ocean around Fiji and Tahiti is a whopping 30 degrees, reports the German Weather Service (DWD). 28 degrees are still reached in the Indian Ocean.

The Mediterranean, however, finally falls below the 20 degree mark. Even off Antalya the sea is only 19 degrees. Mallorca only comes to 15 degrees and therefore hardly invites you to swim. In Egypt, on the other hand, vacationers can look forward to a pleasant, but not too warm 22 degrees.

Water temperatures in Europe centigrade
Biscay 12-14
Algarve coast 17th
Azores 16-17
Canary Islands 18-20
French Mediterranean coast 14-15
Eastern Mediterranean 16-19
Western Mediterranean 14-16
Adriatic 11-16
Black Sea 5-11
Madeira 18th
Aegean 13-18
Cyprus 18th
Antalya 18th
Corfu 16
Tunis 16
Mallorca 15th
Valencia 15th
Biarritz 14th
Rimini 11
Las Palmas 19th


Water temperatures at long-distance travel destinations centigrade
Red Sea 22nd
South Africa 21st
Mauritius 28
Seychelles 28
Maldives 29
Sri Lanka 28
Thailand 29
Philippines 21st
Fiji Islands (Nandi) 30th
Tahiti 30th
Hawaii (Honolulu) 21st
California 13th
Gulf of Mexico 27
Puerto Plata 24
Sydney 24

Munich (dpa / tmn) – If you want to go abroad with a rental car, you should find out beforehand whether this is also allowed. If you suspect the car has been stolen while renting it, it can be expensive.

Setting off on a vacation trip to neighboring countries in a rental car without a permit can have consequences. The car rental company can have the vehicle shut down if it is not allowed to drive abroad on suspicion of theft asian hot wives and invoice the renter for the costs incurred. That was decided by the Munich Local Court (Az .: 182 C 21134/13).

In the negotiated case, the plaintiff had borrowed a Porsche, deposited 5,000 euros in cash as a deposit and drove to Milan. The car rental company recorded the location of the car with GPS and assumed that the car had been stolen. She hired a towing service to have the car shut down. The rental owner’s husband also made his way to Italy. The plaintiff could not be reached by phone, but later returned the Porsche when it was rented.

The company charged the man for the costs incurred. Rightly so, the court decided. Due to the location of the car and the fact that the plaintiff could not be reached by phone, the landlord was entitled to assume theft. The measures to fix the car were justified. The cost was deducted from the deposit.

Hanover (dpa / tmn) – The organizer is changing the departure airport and moving the flight into the night: In such a case, a vacationer is not only allowed to withdraw from the trip, he is also entitled to compensation.

A new departure airport, a later departure time – travelers can expect compensation from the organizer in the event of such serious changes if they withdraw from the trip. This was decided by the Hanover Local Court (Az .: 427 C 12693/13). The German Society for Travel Law reports on the judgment in its magazine "ReiseRecht current".